My name is Kristin Fehrman and I’m a writer and artist from Traverse City, Michigan. An independent creative spirit, I was certain there was something special out there for me, but I wasn’t sure how to find it.

I started Mindful in Style six days after moving to Boston in 2016 to share my feelings and thoughts, all while learning to maintain inner peace in a chaotic world. After leaving my life as a fashion blogger in New York City, I serendipitously chose a city where no one knew my name. I had a blank slate- and for the first time, just myself. 

With three bags of luggage and a laptop, I started to share my story.

Since starting Mindful in Style, I also discovered a need to merge my minimalist lifestyle with technology, mindfulness, and fashion and started to design personalized items to encourage others to embrace the moment, live mindfully, and find more peace in their everyday lives.

My work has been featured in Thought CatalogThrive GlobalElephant JournalThe Fix, and various other publications.

This is my life, living mindfully in style.

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